The Bangalore Ecodrifters – Ready to drift on the ECOSPORT

The Bangalore Ecodrifters - Ready to drift on the ECOSPORT


What happens at the PI?

Well the PI after the auditions is a wonderful thing. It is going to be exciting as you will be able to meet the TV crew again. They will conduct a video shoot  with you and your team in your house….. A few questions and then sessions to discover and exhibit your style…… Definitely not to forget the commitment that they would take regarding the attendance of all future sessions – well it would make you feel as if you were Salman Khan saying “Ek baar jo maine commitment kar di…………”

If they like your interview, you’re going to meet the other teams at Mumbai on the 4th of May,2013…..

What next after the Auditions?

Here are the steps:

– You will get a call form the organizers if your team was selected after the Video auditions

– You and your team will have to be present for an interview at a place and preferably your house

– If you clear the interview, you will be called for a briefing session to Mumbai (all pass-through cost paid by Ford) on the 4th of May

– You get the Ecosport for 3 weeks 🙂 from the 14th of May till 3rd of June